A bag full of stardust


I welcome you, I love you and I bless you. I am Amenuvor, the angel of unity and connect with you.

My love is flowing to you, my support and my salvation are flowing to you and gift you with strenght and courage, trust and confidence on your way.

It is an intense alteration in the process, beloveds, you are the masters of transformation and know very well to handle with this matter. But this change causes that you are not only walking in densitiy and darkness within your transformation fields, yet also you are invited to bring your presence and love and light to radiance, for then the collective consciousness and all the spaces you walk in will begin to sparkle and shine.

This is a new facet of your possibilities and tasks, beloveds. It’s about expansion and that you believe in yourselves, that you are embedded within your own self-awareness and in self-love.

No longer it’s about finding problems or challenges that need to be placed in the field of transformation. The point is to exude and spread all that you gained and manifested already in your energetic fields – the knowledge and consciousness, the wisdom and creativity – on all levels of being.

You can imagine this as if there is a big bag full of stardust on your side, and every time you meditate and connect with us, you grab into this bag and with a huge sway you toss all the stardust around, so that new consciousness can arise from it.

You need not economize with it, beloveds, just spread it generously in all levels of being and feel how change and growth is happening.

This change and growth will grant you, will become manifested in you and visible, and will lead in your own systems to more stability and enlargement. No need to be afraid or unsure, just react openhearted with gratefulness and love.

Enjoy this expansion and all the power and light that is flowing in you and through you. It provides you and helps to alter all frequencies around you.

You are tied to the rank of the divine mother, the divine father and also of the divine source. From there you receive intense impulses and insolation of energy. They support you and you will sense a deep impact of strenght, courage and trust to cope with all tasks and duties.

You are never alone, you advocate and bring messages and you are graced.

Feel at home in this blessing, beloveds.

Feel honored and respected, loved and cherished with the love that we are.

I love you and blest in the light of the all-encompassing unity.