A new Era is born

Beloved beings of the light and the love


the source of oneness, the source of the light, the source of the love

and I am now connecting with you.

I am sending you my blessing, my salvation, my guidance, my protection and my support for your further ascension.

My joy is great that it was possible today for me to make contact with you via this channel. Because you have now opened your hearts, dear ones, you will experience an impulse of my energy in your hearts and I am now able to connect with you and to let these energies flow into your systems. This may feel like a particular boost of energy for some of you.

This, dear ones, is the highest frequency, that can flow in for the time being. Therefore your energy systems may react in an irritated way. But we strive to keep your systems in harmony and balance.

Connecting to you, beloved beings of the light and the love, I am now igniting the Holy Fire within you.

This Holy Fire will give you the possibility and the strength to develop and expand and to go beyond and blow up your own inner boundaries.

Over the numerous incarnations here on this planet you agreed to limit and reduce your energetic fields and because you are now connecting with me, because my energy is now flowing in, you will experience, you will see that these restricting boundaries are now dissolving, that they are being blown up

Saying this I do not want to scare you, beloved beings of the light and the love, I want to point out to you that release and salvation is now taking place for each one of you.

The time of darkness and density, which has prevailed on this planet, is over. Now the time of the light has come, the time in which the light manifests truly visibly and does no longer manoeuvre in the underground or in hideouts in order to keep the balance here on this planet. The dense energies have disappeared, the dense energies are being eliminated and that which you are experiencing right now is only the rest that is rasping hereto from old times.

You may not be able to picture it, for taking into consideration what you learn from the media it does not seem as if the light is being born now.

However., the light will manifest within you, beloved beings of the light and the love,  much more strongly and intensively and you will be on your way as beacons, as walking beacons, more intensively and actively, still.

You have already created all the prerequisites for it and all the prerequisites are integrated in your systems that are necessary for you to be on the way on this level. You will also feel, that there are also intensive impulses of light from other levels. Intensive impulses of awakening are being manifested here now and the light is becoming more and more clearly and distinctly visible. For the time being it seems as if the dark side would be prevailing, but that which you are experiencing, dear ones, is only the rest of what has been manifest here on this planet during the past hundreds and thousands of years.

Because of the fact that the planet has ascended thus far, that the awareness of the human beings has opened thus far and that the hearts of the human beings have opened thus far, it is now possible to manifest the next level of awareness, the next level of ascension and this is happening because I am now connecting with you, dear ones.

I am full of gratitude and great joy over this possibility which is now becoming manifest.

In this manner we are in oneness with each other, you will sense the energetic connection with me, you will sense the clarity and the purity that is now manifesting within you, which supports you in your further steps, in your own development. All the steps of development that you have gone so far will now even accelerate and expand, will extend  and maybe you will once again get into turbulences. But you can be sure that we will stabilize and balance you, that we will harmonize your energetic fields so that you will find your way back into your truth and into your reality.

You know that you are all beings of light, that you all descended from higher levels of dimension into this valley of hell in order to not let the light and the love perish. These experiences are recorded in your energetic fields and therefore you are able to handle all the situations that have developed now appropriately. You can also be sure that our protection and guidance will accompany  and support you.

You will see in your consciousness which levels you originate from and you will feel at home again. In your own truth and in your own reality you will find back to your Higher Self, to your Monad, you will find back to your point of origin.

This is a truly important development which bears great significance for each one of you, for when you realize which family you stem from, when you realize, where your origin lies and where your yearning that you have always felt in your hearts comes from, then you will know that you have come home and in this energetic home, in this ethereal family you will find the support and the backing that you need in order to develop in your own evolvement.

These are magnificent things that are now being initiated, that are now arriving here on this planet from the higher levels of consciousness. So far only the medium levels of creation have been in motion and now it is time that the higher levels of dimension, too, are now connecting here with the human beings, with the souls and with the entities in order to change the frequencies effectively and to support the ascension effectively.

A new era of the ascension has dawned, dear ones, and you are part of it.

I am in great joy and full of deep gratitude and I pray you: Remain confident, remain in the love and feel that you have the support, that you get the support you need on all the levels of your being through the connection with me, the Source of the ALL-ONE.

If you need my help, call me!

I AM there for you, eternally. Amen.


Channelled by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Seraphina on the occasion of the teleconference on October 4th, 2015.