We are rolling out the red carpet for you

My beloved children, greetings to you, I love you and I bless you.

I am your Divine Father, your highest divine self

and I am now connecting with you.

It is a pleasure, dear ones, to celebrate this beginning of a new year today with you and to welcome this new time with you. With the beginning of this year, dear ones, a new time is also beginning for you. During the past year we very intensively worked to change, improve, substitute, heal and renew the etheric structures around you and also around the planet.

You can imagine, dear ones, that this was an intensive work and as you can also imagine, we are not yet finished. However, we have appointed a whole lot of angels, which were involved in this task  and they did a splendid job. You will notice and experience it in the coming weeks and months for we are now in the process of beginning  to fill this newly built grid network in the etheric realms with life.

So far it has been built. But now we begin to provide the etheric structure with energy and this will cause you, dear ones, to also sense that you have a more powerful energy at your disposal, that you are shepherded much more substantially so that you work well in your daily life, so that your own system is kept stable and you are comfortable.

During the past year we promised you that we would try to create a structure for you in which you will be comfortable, in which you will be secure, in which you can evolve. And we succeeded. Now we are extending the magnetic support to all the other fields, dear ones, so that you can feel that you are held and borne in a great magnetic field and that you thus manifest a new frequency here on this planet.

You can envisage this, dear ones, that you are really on your way on a (so-to-say) private frequency level, that you are held and borne by means of this frequency and that which is around you not vibrating this highly is different from this level of frequency. Surely you will notice, dear ones, that there are still great differences to the human beings you are in contact with in your daily lives.

However, you will notice, too, that the human beings who have set forth, that the human beings whose hearts are open, who have widened their awareness, that you are in a greater oneness with these human beings and in a greater ability to communicate. You can really envisage this like a parallel society which is now developing slowly. You are growing into this parallel society, you are ascending in your further frequency, you receive support, healing and strengthening in your frequency and thus you form a consistent energetic field which is located above this normal energetic field of the planet.

It is the network of oneness, love and peace, dear ones, you are embedded in. And you receive healing, protection and guidance, clarification and purification and also strengthening and vitalization via this network, so that you can look forward to living this new year now in joy and happiness and you will see and experience that there will again be many new possibilities becoming manifest for you and that many new doors will be opened. When you do not take one or another possibility because it seems to be too difficult or too complicated for you or because you do not yet have the courage or the confidence to choose this possibility for you, then there will be other, new possibilities becoming manifest immediately for you, so that you begin to extend and expand, in order to be in the joy and the holiness which is due and appropriate to you.

You can really envisage this, dear ones, that your angel frequencies are becoming more visible by and by. They become more perceptible for you, for you are, as we have pointed out several times, the star seed that is on this planet. We still greatly regret that there are not so many of you. But you will see, dear ones, that you receive strengthening and healing in your presence and thus you can really be on your way on this planet like V.I.P.s for us.

It is not a matter of leaving this now to your ego, to feel like a V.I.P. It is more a matter of knowing, dear ones, in which capacity and in which mission you are on your way and why you are so different from the human beings around you.

You are getting into this capacity of lighthouses, dear ones, which the Divine Mother has been talking about all the time, for these lighthouses are more and more expanding, are beginning to radiate and to shine and are visible all over the place.

Some of you still have residues of old programs and old structures which may now dissolve. By the flooding in of the high frequencies you will see that this detachment can happen quickly and effectively if you are willing to let go, if you are willing to open up for the new things that we have already prepared for you.

You can envisage this, dear ones, that we on the higher levels of dimension have already made plans for you which will lead you into your evolvement, into your perfection and these plans will be let down into your systems step by step so that you will suddenly have an idea in the morning upon waking up which will lead to your daily life getting better, more beautiful, more fulfilled than it has ever been before.

We have prepared these plans for you, they are suggestions, dear ones, offers. You can accept them for yourselves. I am sure you will like these plans, even if they may mean that you will have to go one or another step into a different direction because you realize that the previous structure in which you have been on your way in your daily life, is no longer stable and does not carry any more.

However, you can be sure, dear ones, that we are rolling out the red carpet for you and that we are accompanying you into this new era and into this new energy. You will be carried there. And therefore I would like to ask you once more, dear ones, agree to it. You will not have to do more. Everything else will happen nearly all by itself, everything else will get into place nearly all by itself.

If you need my help, you know that I am there for you, that I support you and therefore I would like to ask you, dear ones, call me. I am there for you, all the time.

You will doubtlessly ask about the dark sides which are still becoming visible on the planet. You know that the satanic and the luciferic energies have dissolved, that they have returned to the oneness and what you are still experiencing, dear ones, is something like Armageddon about which you have also read in the bible. This is the downfall of the old time, which you are experiencing now.

However, you need not be afraid, dear ones, and it does not have to become a disaster, for in this doomsday scenario there are already many new projects on many levels, new possibilities and new seeds, which we have laid out together and which now begin to grow and make sure that the human beings‘ awareness will change, that they will be willing to open their hearts, that they will be willing to let energies flow. They will make sure that this old structure of lack, restriction and limitation will dissolve once and for all. For lack, restriction and limitation still belong into the old awareness, belong into the awareness of separation and are now allowed to dissolve.

Therefore I would like to ask you again once more, dearest children, if you notice something about the downfall scenarios, if you hear, read or see something, do not worry but search for the seed of happiness and renewal which now becomes visible here in this way, for behind every destruction, behind every dissolution there is a new structure, there is a new possibility which we have created and which is falling down from the spiritual realms in order to give you the possibility to evolve completely and to perceive that you are in purity and clarity and that you receive support and that you have the possibility to experience yourselves completely in your presence.

For this, my beloved children, is what we wish for you, what we have created for you, that you perceive yourselves in your divine presence more and more definitely and clearly, that you express yourselves in your divine presence more and more clearly and definitely and that you perceive joy, happiness and fulfilment in your expression and your expansion and that you give a lot of new impulses via this expansion to all the human beings that are around you and the beings that you are connected with so that the light can also anchor within them, so that the light can begin to grow, to expand, in order to create a most beautiful carpet which is decorated with various flowers, blossoms and diamonds and which serves the benefit of the whole.

This is the wish and the picture, dear ones, that we want to provide you with for this new year, for the beginning of this new year and we are full of great joy and deep gratitude that it is happening now finally.

You were splendid and wonderful, my beloved children, you have struggled through this intensive time of darkness.

But now you can breathe a sigh of relief, you can rejoice now. The light and the love are growing more and more stable within you and your surroundings. And you will notice it.

I thank you, my beloved children,

I love you, I bless you,

in the light of the ALL-ONE.



Channelled by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Seraphina

on the occasion of the teleconference of January 3rd 2016