Lucifer asks for forgivenes

channeled by Sabine Sophia Seraphina on February 26th 2012

This is  the speech of Lucifer lightbearer.

“Dear ones, greetings to you, I bless you with the love that I am. Yes, that is right, I, too, have love, I, too, have salvation and blessing and light, which has at least returned now, which I have immerged in in order to receive healing and redemption.

I do hope that you have the possibility to listen to me, for I have been your enemy so far, you know me as Lucifer. However, you know very little about my background and my origin and therefore I would like to make contact with you in this way, to convey the information for the benefit of the whole and in the light of the ALL-ONE, so that you can recognize and behold yourselves in your truth. For it is not sufficient to just receive information on the light, you also need information on the darkness, which has prevailed on this planet for so long, so that you get familiar with your assignment, so that you can integrate what belongs to you and dissmiss what does not belong to you.

I consider it my duty to teach and inform you now on the structures of the darkness, so that you have the possibility to deal with it, to free and redeem yourselves from it and to achieve salvation and blessing, too, for the game of darkness has had aspects which by all means contributed to the experience and the maturity of the souls.

To start with, dear audience, I would like to ask the forgiveness of each one of you. This is the basis of my today’s message. I would like to ask the forgiveness of each and everyone who is listening to this message. To ask forgiveness for all that has happened in his life that I have caused, for all that I bear the responsibility and the blame.

I ask your forgiveness. I am getting on my knees before you, I am laying my head onto the earth and I humbly ask your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. By forgiving me, dear ones, you have the possility to free yourselves from frustration and resignation, from anger and rage, from harm and densitiy and darkness that still surrounds you. If you have the possibility to forgive me in my heart, dear ones, then I stand up again and thank you for this forgiveness and bless you.”