The Divine Father on Guilt and Depts

Channeld by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Seraphina

My beloved children,

I am your Divine Father and I am approaching you again. Now I would like to talk about the special practice of the individual terms that we dealt with extensively. You are stressed by the financial restriction in which you live. You are stressed by the financial liability you have taken over towards your landlord and also towards certain other human beings and entities you have connected with energetically and who you think you owe something.

I would like to ask you, dear ones, to principally make the decision and say:

I am without guilt, I am free from guilt, I am innocent. There is nobody I owe something. I am a Divine Being on this planet and all the resources I need are at my disposal in order to  expand, experience and express myself in my divine presence.

This is the paradigm of the new age which I accept now. I am an expression of the Divine Source, here on this planet. I am an expression of the Divine creative power on this planet and I claim here and now to be happy in peace and unity, in love and lightness, in joy and health, in this divine presence with all the levels of my being and on all levels of my being. This is my truth, this is my reality.

This vow, dear ones, is your new mantra. I would like to ask you to accept it for yourselves, to manifest it on all the levels of your being and to thus give it expression.

If you are in this awareness, all the resources, you need in order to express yourselves, will flow to you. Then the resources, you need to finance your life, will flow to you. Financial restrictions and limitations, which other people impose on you, challenges that you have to meet because other people’s demands on you, which are completely unjustified, all these challenges will simply fall away from you.

By accepting and speaking this mantra for yourselves, dear ones, you produce a reaction and a frequency which takes care that all that is good and right for you, all that you need, in order to finance your life, will flow to you.

Maybe, dear ones, you still feel resistances and non-confidence and disbelief, that this mantra could be of special importance and effect for you.

I would like to ask you, dear ones, to pay attention at this point and to pull the rug from under these resistances, to transform this defense. By using this mantra for yourselves, dear ones, you will feel that the power of the heart will expand, that your inner awareness will be stabilized and strengthened and you will meet the challenges of your life, because you are stabilized on the spiritual level. Because you are in truth and under my protection and in my blessing. You are my beloved children and I provide for you. Remain in this confidence, my beloved children, and feel that I guide you through the confusions of this time, through the completely degenerated mind-set that has manifested on this planet as to the handling of money.

That which is presently happening to the energy of money is completely beyond truth. It is completely degenerated and a sign for a degenerated consciousness of society. We are iin the course of settling and changing these things. You can surely see that this cannot be done overnight, however, with you, dear ones, I am manifesting now the rules of the new age, through you and with you, for you and in you.

You are my beloved children and you are the pioneers of this new awareness and therefore, my beloved children, I thank you that you are willing to be in this unity with me, to speak this mantra, to be in contact with me and to feel what it means to be at home here on this planet as divine beings under my protection and with my blessing. I ask for your confidence and bless you with the love that I am. Amen.

Translator’s note: In German the word for guilt is Schuld and for debts Schulden, which shows clearly the connection between the two and the intent of the Divine Father.