The divine heart

Symbol für die Göttliche MutterA Message of the Divine Mother

My beloved children

 greetings to you. I love you and I bless you

in the light of the All-One.


I am also happy, my beloved daughters, that we have male company today and I welcome you, my son.

Please open your hearts, close your eyes, turn off your intellect and listen with your hearts.

My love is now flowing into your hearts, fulfils your hearts and gives you confidence, nourishment, strength and stability on your heart level  in these turbulent times. Each one of you experiences stabilization and realignment in his heart so that you feel good, for the most important issue in your life is the energy in your own heart, in the sacred temple of your heart.

You can always withdraw to this level, you can always connect to this level without having to  phone, without having to ask somebody else’s help.

This energy is always at your disposal and I would like to draw your attention, dear ones, again to the importance of this sacred temple being tended to over and over again and also of visiting it again and again. In this sacred temple of your heart you are borne, you are connected to the light and the love. You receive protection and guidance, salvation and blessing.

The external events that move and affect you, that keep you occupied, are important and can be used as mirrors, but it is important to always find a point of rest in your daily life where you have the possibility to focus on your heart, to immerse yourselves into your heart and to feel that in your heart there is room for the encounter with me, with the Divine Father, with your spiritual guides and also with Source. This is the sacred place in your system and this is what I would like to point out to you again, beloved children.

Your mediums intensively point out to you that high energies are flowing in, making new turbulences and difficulties wait for you.

This may certainly be the case, beloved children. The high frequencies that are flowing in are accelerating once again. And as you yourselves have seen, these high frequencies, when flowing into your systems, bring out again unconscious levels and call your attention to the points where it is still necessary to clear and to clean.

This state will continue, dear ones. Maybe it will intensify beyond that which you have seen so far. But in the end it is only a matter of dissolving your inner resistance and repulse at that point. These are intensive patterns, my beloved children, which you implicitly needed in earlier times. You had to develop resistance and repulse in the density and darkness here on this planet.

Now, during the ascension, you do not need resistance and repulse against the ascension any more. However, this program “resistance and repulse”, which has been a pattern of protection before, is piping up again and again and sees to you staying tied in your processes.

Therefore I would like to ask you, my beloved children, to pay heed to this sort of energies in your system which are called  “resistance and repulse against change, against renewal, against healing and against ascension”.

These are subconscious levels in your systems, which pipe up, which see to your staying tied in your processes, that you do not advance, that you have to request help and support from other levels.

If you are aware of the fact that resistance and repulse are a purely elementary energy in your system, beloved ones, then you can release yourselves from it.

Our support for you is becoming more and more clear, strong and definite. When you get into contact with us in your hearts, you will sense that our relationship is much more intensive, definite and clear than it has ever been before.

More then once we have pointed out to you that we are completely changing the etheric structures around this planet and also around you.

This work is in process, still. This leads to our having a more and more clear and immediate access to you and your energetic fields. Our answers are being received more and more clearly and definitely and you can perceive and sense our energy clearly and definitely.

We are happy and glad about this, for at the end of the day it is important for us to establish, perceive and call up this strong and clear connection with our children in order to give clear guidance and clear impulses for your daily life. At the moment it is not always easy to keep up these frequencies, for there are a lot of interfering frequencies because of the ascending energies which are now disengaging from the planet.

All the dense energetic information that has been simply fed into the planet is now dissolving.

You can imagine this, dear ones, as if soap bubbles are constantly rising from the planetary peripherals in order to be redeemed. To some extent these soap bubbles carry extremely dense energies and when you are in contact with these soap bubbles, when you communicate with those elementals, because there are similar structures within you, then these energies are extremely fierce.

Often it is a matter of fear of  break up and destruction, rage, anger and hatred, non-love. All those energies have been built up here in this energetic environment during thousands of years and brought down into the planet. The planet is ascending. The planet is expanding. The planet makes sure that its energetic field receives clarification and purification, therefore these pieces of etheric information have to rise and this causes strong irritations around you.

You can imagine this like a bath of water in which you pour vinegar and natron. This froths up, too, and bubbles and eventually it slows down and then there is clarity.

The planet is now in this state and this means that you are right in the middle of this bubbling bath, in all these swirled pieces of information and energies.

You also become aware of how your mediums are pointing out to you how much the planetary field is changing.

The large number of people who are presently on the run from the existing circumstances are an expression of how intensively the energies are shifting. The people are definitely running from the inhuman situations they live in.

However, it is also a matter of a complete change of the planet’s energetic conditions and these people sense that they have to set forth, that they have to find another place where they are comfortable, where they feel good.

Hence, with great joy we come to know the willingness of all the people to welcome these refugees. You have experienced this kind of flows of refugees before. It has always been like this in times of migration periods, and this is a form of migration.

It has not necessarily been brought about voluntarily but it causes the complete change of energies on many levels, the complete dissolution of the energies and the complete new creation of other fields of energy.

This already belongs into the new frequency, dear ones. For the time being it is incalculable and unimaginable. You cannot begin to imagine how the things will develop and come about, but you can be certain, my beloved ones, that we in the divine reality and in the spiritual realms will accompany and support these things, that we have already developed plans to guide and direct all these events and to give them expression.

By and by these plans will fall down to you. Onto your personal level, into the collective field, too, these plans will fall to you, and you will receive visions, dreams, impulses, which will help you to make the appropriate decisions and to lead and guide your own steps. All these things are beginning to shift fiercely. All these things are beginning to further evolve and you are right in the middle.

You are and have always been important points of light for us, who are willing and able to channel and also to heal the incoming frequencies. And therefore I would like to point out to you again, dear ones, how important it is that – among these turbulent energies which are en route now everywhere – you always find the path into your hearts and sense that you are calm and secure in your hearts – no matter what is happening in the outside – no matter what has happened in your daily life – no matter in which turbulences of your own you are standing right now.

Focus again and again onto this inner space.

Several times during the day find your way back to this level of awareness and you will feel that you will get support there, safety and the feeling of security, clarity, understanding and insight, which you will need in order to take the steps in your daily life.

On the level of your hearts we are able to give you impulses, to guide and lead you and to provide you with the information you need to be love, oneness and peace in your daily life, for this is and has been our intention, beloved children.

Love, oneness and peace is the essence that we radiate, is the essence in which we exist.


I thank you for your open hearts, my beloved children.

I love you and I bless you

in the light of

the All-One. Amen.