The gardeners of happiness

channelled by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Seraphina

Symbol für die Göttliche MutterMessage of the Divine Mother

My beloved children, greetings to you, I love you and I bless you with the love that I am. I, too, am overjoyed to meet you here today in this way, to let my love flow in and I thank you for the loving words, dear ones, that you have bestowed on me so far.

I am full of joy that the messages I have conveyed to you during the last few months have fallen on fertile soil and that they now begin to bear fruit.

Life here in this space-time continuum is not yet easy and as nice as we wish it to be for you, however, it becomes easier and easier for you day after day. Because you now let these wonderful plants, that I was allowed to plant during the last few months, grow in your hearts and spinkle them with joy, my beloved children. It is a great pleasure for me to support you in fostering these plants now, letting them grow and giving them space.

Naturally, now is the beginning of spring, about the right time to familiarise yourself with this picture, for you see nature sprouting and growing all around you.

You realize how beautiful it is that the new breaks open now, that this new requires space and assumes a form.

The same is happening in your hearts with the love and the joy, with the wisdom that I had put into your hearts during the last few months. I am very grateful, my beloved children, that you were willing to open up your hearts for this, for the seed, that I have let flow in by means of these various channellings seems to have sprouted.

The joy that you feel today, my beloved children, is the joy that I am conveying to you, to now vibrate together in joy and unity about it. It is a joy that goes beyond your everyday feelings and experiences that would have been normal.

It is the joy, the divine joy, which is flowing into your hearts now and which is striking a chord in your hearts, which is making your entire system vibrate in oneness and which lets you feel how beautiful and important the divine joy is, how fulfilling it is to be in this divine joy and there is nothing comparable on earth.

As you open up your hearts more and more, my beloved children, this joy can enter your hearts and expand more and more. This joy is vibrating into our entire system, lifts your entire system onto a higher frequency and lets you experience that everyday life is not so difficult, boring and grey at all as you have had to feel up to now.

You are evolving into spiritual beings, into beings of light and love, dear ones, because you are so designed. This is your origin which you now remember and this memory is now vibrating together with the joy that I now let flow in.

It is the joy at the memory, the joy at the ascension and the joy at the expansion.

The expansion of your hearts, dear ones, which is now taking place, just like the flowers in spring are expanding now and growing towards the sun just as well as the flowers of your heart are now growing towards me and and receive love, care, escort and support, protection and guidance, stability and strength, nourishment, confidence, safety and security.

I am converying all this, my beloved children, by these words which I am speaking here but also by my energies that I let flow in which are flowing to each one of you so that you can absorb these energies so that you can use them like a fertilizer for your plants so that the joy and the wisdom in your hearts grow more and more.

Thus, dear ones, we are all gardeners, gardeners of happiness, and this is the title I want to convey to you today.

Each one of you is a gardener of happiness. Take this picture and this word, decide on being a gardener of happiness and feel what that means for you, that you can perceive and sense these energies within you and you know that you are on the right path that so much happiness and joy, wisdom and love is growing up in your own energetic field that it is enough for many other human beings that are around you.

This happiness and this joy expand in your energetic field and give you strength and support, courage and confidence, trust into each individual step you go on your path.

You evolve back into your original form, dear ones. However, this is no regeneration. It is an evolution happening now. By the many experiences that you have made you learn wisdom which is allocated to your original being and thus, dear ones, you grow within yourselves, you expand, you connect with your origin and all those wisdoms that you have gained here in this density and darkness of this planet.

This results in the genesis of a gorgeous flower in your heart, which is now being nourished by my love and which personalizes itself, for each one you of will create his/her individual energetic field, will evolve and grow with it. Each one of you will be a wonderful flower in this divine field, there is divine fertilizer, there is divine love, divine blessing for the growth of this individual flowers in your heart.

So you see, dear ones, that our messages are built upon each other. In former times we always asked you to open up your hearts, to clear and cleanse your hearts and to erase everything from your hearts that does not belong there. In the meantime  a Holy Temple has come into being in your heart, which is free from impairments, from lack, from worry, grief and suffering and I have let flow into this Holy Temple of your heart, dear ones, the light and the love, I have planted the seed into it which is now bearing fruit.

This inner growth that I now perceive within you, my beloved children, delights me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your having been willing to go with me these various steps without actually knowing what you were getting into and where this path would lead you.

You had confidence, courage, to take these steps and I see in your hearts that you are willing to take more, to manifest more love in your hearts in order to add more flowers to this flower that I inserted so that a big flower meadow with plenty of healthy and beautifully shining plants, that evolve by and by, is growing in each individual heart because you evolve as you are willing to take the next evolutionary steps under our protection and guidance.

The angels are with you and escort you. They give you the impulses that you need in order to take your next steps and to keep the flower in your heart healthy, to give it protection and guidance for its further growth. The angels have stepped to each one of you and they hold you in a pure energetic field, in which you can be comfortable, in which you can relax and feel that this light and this love which I let flow in still takes effect.

The angels hold you in a pure energetic field, dear ones, and sometimes it may seem to you as if things were boring or as if you did not have any connection.

But this is due to your moving in this pure energetic field which the angels maintain for you  and that they shield you from outside impairments and interference which you do not need any more, which are only harmful to you  and which you can now let go of.

Maybe you have gone through a time of grief and pain, perhaps also of boredom and mourning and you have perhaps had the feeling from time to time to be abondaned and alone. However, all this is part of the path to healing onto which I lifted you.

The result of this path to healing, dear ones, which has involved so many individual steps, now lies ahead of us and this wonderful flower blooms in each one of you and gives us reason to even greater joy, greater hope and to a deep love which we can share, which we can give each other and to feel that we are in a oneness.

We create a new consistent energetic field now here on this planet, dear ones, which is held by the various angels, the different levels of dimension, by the various deities, which are present on the diverse levels of dimension who join in holding this energetic field. And the energetic field will go on expanding and growing and gaining strength so that each one of you feels that the inner strength within you is growing because you are connected to the energetic field. Thus you are nourished and borne, held and guided by the love which we are.

We will change the world, dear ones, with the new consistent energetic field, which we are building together, at first with little things, but then also in greater dimensions. At first it was important to anchor this energetic field in your heart. This has now been done. And because you are widespread and hold this energy together with the angels and the various deities in the different levels of dimension, a consistent energetic field comes into being based on love, light, oneness and peace, happiness and joy, lightness, health, holiness, abundance and wealth and companionship.

You can feel, dear ones, that this energetic field has been anchored within you, that it grows by and by and that my love is flowing into this field and gives you the possibility to be in this field, to feel comfortable, to nourish and to grow. Thus, my beloved children, we form a wonderful unit, which still grows secretly but which will be seen in the outside later on.

I take great pleasure in you, dear ones, and I delight in you. At the same time my joy is flowing in at the future which we will shape together and I know that this will give reason for great happiness.

Happiness is flowing into this energetic field and fulfills you in your hearts. You can feel it llke a delicate pulsating, as if buttlerfly wings moved in your heart and even increase the joy that you feel today. It is the happiness that I’m giving you today.

I thank you, beloved gardeners of happiness. I love you and bless you in the light of the ALL-One.