The river of life

A message from Metatron und Myranlaja, channeld by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Serafina on the occasion of the conference call on March 01-2015.

Dear ones, greetings to you.

We love you and we bless you.

We are Metatron and Myranlaja

We are now joining with you, sanctify and bless you in the light of the ALL-ONE.

We are very glad to now be here with you at the conference table, to meet you, to feel you, to perceive your love and attention and to meet again old faces, for some of you have a very familiar relationship with us which we are very happy about.

We are here to remind you once again of this connection of the heart, which we all have, for we are all gathering here on this planet, you in the more dense level of dimension, we in the higher level of dimension, because we have a joint assignment, because we perform a joint expression.

We all play together in a team and each one of us has a special task in this team. It is important, dear ones, that you consistently feel within yourselves, which impulses you get and where these impulses guide you. Each one of you has a special talent, a special expression and it is time to turn your attention to this special expression, to go into this personal expression which represents a special form of individualization.

None of that is wrong, dear ones, everything is alright the way it is.

Remain in this flow of life, which carries you to where your place is. Some of you will let go of their accustomed task and let themselves be carried on by the flow of life, by the divine wisdom and the divine order into higher levels of awareness and into a new collective expression.

Remain in this confidence and in this love and let yourselves be guided, dear ones, for it is also a matter of you evolving. No one is to stand still at his own place and remain static. Over and over it is also a matter of your ongoing evolvement, of your expansion, of you making new experiences, of you networking and thus more and more facilitate the light and the love.

The Source desires to experience expansion, to be in expansion and extension and this takes place through you, dear ones. Maybe this confuses you and irritates you a bit in your everyday life, because you feel that there are new impulses and that new doors open and this is an important element in this entire game and in this grand experiment.

It is a matter of expansion and extension which takes place through you and with you. Therefore, dear ones, continue to trust and feel this clarity and this love within yourselves, which we share with you and our joy, too, that this new game has already started.

We call it a game, dear ones, because you, too, are in the awareness of being a player.

You know that you are not only the human beings in a body

but that you are spiritual awareness

that you have a high connection and

also a high expression.

It was part of this experiment, dear ones, which has been going on for several thousand years, to integrate the divine presence into your human body. And we have succeeded doing so in your systems, dear ones, this integration, this transformation is taking place right now in your systems. And this is a great joy for us all and, of course, a great adventure.

We observe your systems again and again, we add elements to your systems again and again or we take away other elements in order to perform the integration of your highest selves into this human body, into this clear and pure vessel for this is the highest goal of this day of creation, dear ones:

The divine presence in a human body on earth!

I can imagine, dear ones, that these high spiritual pieces of wisdom do not assist you in your everyday consciousness.

However, if you align with it and realize in which higher coherences you are and that you do not only have the task to tackle this everyday life but that you are integrated in a cycle of creation which has been going on for several millions of years, that you are part of an experiment that has taken place on diverse levels in differing dimensional levels, then you realize that you are integrated into a great web of light and love, that you are led and guided. 

Thus you feel that you are not alone and you know you are of great importance to us. This is our message today, my beloved brothers and sisters in the light of the ALL-ONE. We rejoice in being on our way with you.

We bless you,

we thank you, we bow to you

to your magnitude, to your strength, to your courage

and your confidence

we give you our love.