The wave of love

Symbol für die Göttliche Mutter

Channeld by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Seraphina

The Wave of Love

Message of the Divine Mother on January 21st 2013

My beloved children, greetings to you, I love you and I bless you.

The wave of love which we had announced to you, is now flowing onto the planet. It reaches you in your ethereal systems and invites you to open up in your hearts in order to absorb this love completely. Thus you receive loving support in your energy systems for your further ascension, for your healing, for your regeneration and for your awareness. Do not be afraid to open up to this flow of love, for it is your gift which we announced to you in order to provide you in this way with the support that you now need. Let this love flow into your hearts, into your souls, into your awareness and into each cell of your body, feel that this love nourishes, heals and carries you, answers your questions and supports you. Let it flow through your system into the earth and to all the human beings and entities you are connected with energetically. You are the transformers of this love, the more of it that you let flow through your system the more of it can flow in on the planet. We need your help and your open hearts for this magnificent act of love. We thank you for your confidence and your willingness to be connected with us so closely on this level. Amen.

Message of the Divine Father on January 21st 2013

Beloved children of light and love, love has been flowing in to the planet and to you in an extent never happened before. The Source has initiated this flow of love, which is reaching the planet now, in its infinite benevolence and love. Maybe you react with anxiety, defense or resistance to this unfamiliar abundance, because you have never been able to feel this energy that strongly. However, there is no reason for worry, there is reason for great joy, rejoicing and exaltation, because the love is now returning in order to heal all the wounds, to purify the awareness and to extinguish the unatterable, unbearable consequences of the separation on all the levels of being. These are the signs of the new age, of the new energy, which you can perceive now and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to trust your heart’s perception and feel that healing and redemption is coming more quickly and more effectively to you than you have experienced so far.

We are in great joy with you and escort you with the love that we are. Amen.

Die Welle der Liebe