This is the Home, where you belong

A message of the divine mother, channelled by SAI MAHATMA Sabine Sophia Seraphina on the occasion of the conference call on February 01-2015.

Symbol für die Göttliche MutterMy beloved children

greetings to you, I love and bless you

in the light of the ALL-ONE

My love is flowing towards you now enveloping you like a warming coat, and my energy is now also joining with the angels standing all around you. A radiating energetic field is now forming around you and the connection naturally extends to all the other participants of this conference call, who are spread all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and so a consistent energetic field comes into being based on love, oneness and peace.

Feel this love, my beloved daughters, feel that this love holds you, nourishes you and guides you through these turbulent times. They are truly turbulent, dear ones, and it is important that you try to keep on being lighthouses and connect to the energetic maintenance that you need in order to be and to stay in this structure and in this form of a lighthouse.

The angels that are standing around you provide you with the appropriate energy, dear ones. Time and again you may be staggering, feel some kind of unsteadiness and anxiety, because you are not yet totally clear in your own energy field, perhaps not yet stable. The angels around you are holding your energy fields steady.

However, sometimes it is not possible to completely clear some kind of vacuum or injury or some kind of hole that is still in your energetic field. Then you are faced with unpleasant events from your environment.

I would like to ask you, dear ones, to always be centred in situations like this. Do not give your energy into these unpleasant correlations. Do not focus on them but realize that these are only external reflections. Always stay within your own energetic field, in your “ball of light” and return to your centre before you deal with these unpleasant situations in the outside. They are another cup of tea.

You only feel the reaction, and when you are in anxiety or fear or anger, dear ones, do not let this flow into the situation which is being reflected to you externally, but foremost clear these unredeemed feelings on your own inner level. And then you will sense a new wave of energy flowing into your system because you were able to dissolve this vacuum or field of resonance.

Beloved daughters, you not only have to clear your own personal issues but you also transform parts of the collective consciousness.

All the things that you have given into the collective consciousness in former incarnations, beloved daughters, will now call to mind in your own field and ask to be redeemed.

Hence, beloved children, you can see that you are transforming within a big surrounding field and that your light and radiance by far exceeds your own personal field. It extends far into the unconscious collective field of all human beings and therefore, my beloved children, all that you transform for yourselves is also transformed on a collective level so that the collective field of consciousness is simultaneously healed and redeemed, cleared and cleansed. So you see, my beloved children, you travel multidimensionally.

You are led and guided by the love and the light that we are and you now feel the oneness connecting us, beloved children.

You are integrated into this consistent cosmic field that I am now building for you, that is established and aligned with the help of the angels. This energetic field remains, stabilises and will further expand. In this field you are secure, borne by my love, my strength and my care for you.

Always feel, beloved children, that you can back out into this energetic field, which I will sustain for you, which was created for you, which you directly have a part in.

This is your home, where you belong.

Do not let yourselves be confused by things that can be seen in the outside, by the games, which are still being played in the outside.

There are a lot of energetic powers, that are trying right now in these end times to keep control, to still have power and influence and perhaps yet to win.

However, these intensive attempts to furthermore maintain power and manipulation, only arise from the feeling, that the time of the dark powers and forces is drawing to a close. It is a last struggle, which you can experience in the outside, my dear ones, and I would like to ask you not to let yourselves be put off and influenced by it.

It has nothing to do with you any more. Just imagine that you watch these things as if you were in a theatre and you can applaud or that you can already look behind the curtain and realise that that which can still be seen in the outside is only a game of dying energies.

Your own ascension will make your perception clearer and more subtle and you will have the possibility to look behind the stage scene in order to see from which level the energies are flowing in at the moment and on which level manipulation or the abuse of power is being tried to be carried out. All this, dear ones, will turn to dust and be redeemed. Therefore I would like to ask you:

Stay centred and only focus on the light and the love in your own fields. Then you are safe, then you are secure.

The events in the outside will unveil and decode for you so that you realise more and more clearly and explicitly, my beloved daughters, who is playing with you on one level and who is your opponent right now. You will also have the possibility to envelop the human beings in your surroundings into a special energetic field in order to support them in their ascension if they so desire.

You notice, dear ones, that you discover great discrepancies communicating with your family and your friends and this may confuse you. You will become more and more clear in your perception and your own energetic fields will take on a more and more clear signature. You step out of the fog of cloudy loss of decisions, helplessness and victim hood, which you have held for a long time and you become clearer and more definite in your power, in your wisdom and in your love.

The people around you are confused by this. Some people tend to attack you therefore, others will fly towards you and rejoice in perceiving this light, this love in you.

These are experiences that you, my beloved children, are most intensively gaining now. Therefore it is so important that you always stay centred, that you focus on this picture of the lighthouse and that you realise that this lighthouse is the light for all the human beings who still walk about in insecurity and darkness without knowing where they are driven to.

On a spiritual level we are redeeming and healing the individual paradigms and mechanisms and we are installing new energetic fields which you can weave yourselves into.

The divine Father referred to the five dimensional carpet which you now can integrate yourselves into.

This carpet becomes more and more stable, clear and consistent, my beloved children. It becomes more and more sustainable and there is already a huge group of angels who help you to rise yourselves onto this carpet, to incorporate into this energetic web of the fifth dimensional level.

And therefore, my beloved children, you have the possibility to trust, to let more hope, even more love flow in and to sense that you are held, borne, loved, nourished, led and guided by the love that we are.

I bless you, my beloved children.

I love you and I thank you, I escort you

in the light of the ALL-ONE. Amen.